Welcome to LittlePigs Rust!

About us


The goal was to build a place where people could reliably play this game and see the new things as soon as it was released. LittlePigs.ro was created to answer the questions about the game I was receiving every day in the server. We are run by an independent group of fans and, despite our servers official status, we have no direct affiliation with Facepunch.


Littlepigs.ro provides up to date information about the game and summarizes the weekly development. As with the website, I would like our servers to be a resource for people. Given it’s in development, this game see’s new people join every day. Some who haven't played for months are also checking out the newest version. When they join, they often ask the same questions: How do I make walls? Are there rad towns? How do I kill myself? I know it can be frustrating hearing the same questions over and over. Answering questions is greatly appreciated and pointing people to the guides on this site will often cover most questions.

Trolls and toxic players

I request you act in a mature manner and respect the other players - even if you are spearing them through the heart. Rust tends to bring out a side of people I think (or at least hope) they don't normally show in public. I understand, this game is raw and it’s kill or be killed most of the time. I do my best not to limit players actions and allow the game to be played freely in its vanilla state. That being said, if you are spamming chat, causing disruptions, hating on the server or the admins, or just being an overall asshat, your playing privileges will be revoked.


There is a forced wipe in the game the first Thursday of each month. Our servers have set wipe schedules aimed at maximizing performance vs. average numbers of players. In rare occurrences, an unexpected wipe may happen. If that does, please know it was either out of our control or for a good reason.